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Ventilation Installation in Essex and London.

delta T Services are experts in all types of ventilation installation in Essex and London, whatever your needs be they bespoke rectangular section or pre manufactured spiral sections, transformation from one section to another, or plain and simple plastic ducting, we are here to assist you in the design with our fully skilled Auto Cad department, to survey and produce manufacturing and installation layouts.

Our teams of versatile fitters are experienced in all types of installation from Domestic heat recovery systems, to large scale commercial projects.
At delta T Services we can offer a full turnkey service from conception to completion and handover.

From craneage of large plant and equipment onto roof tops to balancing of the smallest diffuser.

We can offer a full selection of equipment and ancillary items to tailor your exact requirements.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

delta T services are experts at the installation of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems that are becoming essential to meet today's demanding Building Regulations Part L & F with ever increasing demand to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, nearly all new build housing projects specify these products to gain their maximum energy efficiency ratings.
All of the products we install are from the leading manufacturers in the ventilation and air conditioning industry with such well known names as-Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Vent-Axia and Nu-Aire, Expelair and many others.

The Regulations

The Regulations Part L says that every enclosed workplace must have effective and suitable ventilation which provides a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air. Ventilation equipment must give an audible or visual warning when it fails where there is a health and safety factor. The Regulation applies to general ventilation but not to local exhaust ventilation which is dealt with by other legislation.

Fresh air is needed for respiration, to dilute and remove impurities and odours and to dissipate excess heat. The build up of impure air, along with other environmental factors, can result in sick building syndrome, whereby occupants suffer respiratory and other illnesses in densely populated offices and buildings with no opening window or forced ventilation CO2 level can rise giving cause to feelings and symptoms of illness.

In many cases, windows or other openings will provide sufficient ventilation. If they don't mechanical ventilation should be introduced. Replacement air should be free of impurities as far as possible. Air inlets for ventilation should be sited where they can draw in fresh air; they should therefore not be sited near any source of fumes or other impurities.

Re-circulated air (e.g. in air conditioning systems) should be adequately filtered to remove impurities. The purified air should have some fresh air added to it and systems should be designed to allow this to happen. Mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained. According to CIBSE, the fresh air supply rate should not fall below 8 litres per second per person and may be as high as 25 litres per second per person depending on how crowded the conditions are and the type of environment.

Extract systems

Extract systems are an important part of any building with toilet extract systems being in nearly every modern building be it domestic or commercial.

delta T Services are experts in all types of toilet extract ventilation installation in Essex and London areas, from small single fan installations to larger commercial twin fan high volume systems.

For larger applications we can offer a full commissioning service to balance all registers accurately to achieve your design parameters.

For commercial kitchens delta T Services can install carbon filtration and grease baffles to ensure your extract system meets local building regulations and does not inconvenience your neighbours with cooking odours and oils from your discharge louvers.

Large scale supply and extract ventilation

Where supply ventilation is required on a larger scale, an Air Handling Unit (AHU) is normally installed. This is normally located on a roof or in the basement of a building. It serves the air to the building via ductwork normally installed in risers or voids in the building.

It is possible to have a single AHU to supply fresh air, pre-heated by an electric coil, boiler or air source heat pump, there are heat recovery AHU's available too, which offer massive savings on pre-heating the air supplied to the building.

Successful ventilation requires constant air changes within any given area. Vital to the comfort of people and to the efficiency of some processes, it's no longer a question of just opening a window, especially if you want to maintain indoor air quality whilst ensuring the air conditioning or heating systems are used cost effectively and not removing the conditioned air and throwing away all of the heat /cool energy that has been applied to it.
Some air conditioning manufacturers make a range of heat recovery ventilation unit that can be linked into the main heat recovery air conditioning systems to operate and compliment them to give maximum efficiencies and CO2 Reductions.

If you have a requirement for ventilation in Essex and London delta T services are the company for you offering a pleasant friendly yet professional service for all you needs. We aim to hand over all projects on time and on budget and to the highest standards.

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