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Ventilation and Extraction maintenance for Essex and London

Regardless of the size of your business, cleanliness of the fresh air supply and extraction system is too important to ignore.

The workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 came into force in 1996. These regulations were accompanied by an Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (L24).

Paragraph 22 of the ACOP states that equipment, including ventilation systems, require a system of maintenance involving regular inspection and cleaning, if necessary, carried out at regular intervals, and that a suitable records of the works are kept.

delta T Services offer a range of ventilation maintenance to assist compliance with the above regulations throught London or Essex. These can be tailored to individual requirements and budget.

Ventilation systems are complex. delta T Services trained engineers can quickly assess a system and highlight areas requiring attention, with minimal intrusion and disruption. Poorly performing Ventilation systems not only affect personnel, but cost more to run, and more to repair.
The effects of a neglected air conditioning/ventilation system can often result in what is described as "Sick Building Syndrome". The effect on the health of staff and the associated costs of absence of staff members can be a major drain on any business as well being a health hazard to your employees. Energy consumption can increase up to 60% as a result of poor maintenance of ventilation systems.

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning/ventilation system will not only ensure that you meet all Health and Safety and insurance requirements, it will also show your staff that your business takes Health & Safety and the comfort of your staffs working environment seriously.

Legal Requirements.

Regulations including the Workplace (Health & Welfare) Regulation 5 imposes a duty to clean mechanical ventilations systems (a duty of care).
Regulation 3 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 imposes a duty to conduct a risk assessment of the risks associated with ventilation systems.

Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the Fire Regulations require that premises managers must carry out a risk assessment of any grease extraction systems and act upon the results of the risk assessment to eliminate or at the very least minimise the risk of fire.

Ventilation Maintenance Recommendations

It is recommended that systems are monitored for cleanliness (most systems have never been properly cleaned) with a regular monitoring schedule put in place adhering to an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) as detailed by HVCA Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

delta T Services are increasingly dealing with companies whose insurance company requires evidence that a fire risk assessment has been carried out and evidence is provided to show that the risk assessment has included the grease extract ventilation system and that the system has been cleaned by a professional contractor on an annual basis as a minimum requirement.

We limit our ventilation maintenance service to Essex and London for quick response times when needed.

Even buildings built to the highest specification, require regular maintenance and repair to maintain their condition and help avoid long-term damage and unnecessary costs. Energy consumption can increase up to 60% as a result of poor maintenance of ventilation systems increasing running costs and contributing to your carbon footprint.

It is because of these factors that monitoring and maintaining ductwork systems is vital in the workplace. Moving parts such as fans, motors, compressors and belts must also be maintained on a regular basis to ensure a long working life and to help avoid costly repairs.
We can make detailed assessments of your ventilation system and provide a schedule of works appropriate to your requirements, environment and situation.

Assessment may include visual, CCTV and sample based diagnostic tools, depending on the nature of the system. Following this assessment microbiological testing and a full report would be issued.

delta T Services ventilation maintenance encompass the following elements
Periodic internal inspection of plant and ductwork.

Full annual report, with photographic evidence
Microbiological testing
Deep cleaning of ductwork and air handling plant
Filter inspection and reporting
Kitchen / cooking extract cleaning and safety inspections
Disinfection, fire damper checking
Provision and upkeep of site log books

delta T Services offer a complete service from initial 'Risk Assessment', deep cleaning of plant & ductwork through to Planned Monitoring & Management Programmes.

We concentrate our ventilation maintenance work in Essex and London for fast response times.

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