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Ventilation in Essex and London

Air conditioning systems can provide cooling and heating for large offices and maintain internal air conditions at a pre-determined level.

But it is still important to provide sufficient tempered fresh air for the room occupants with any type of air conditioning system. Under Part L of the building Regulations minimum requirements have to be provided to meet current legislation.

Central Air Handling Plant/Ducted systems combined with heating, humidification or dehumidification, filtration, and heat recovery can achieve almost any pre-set internal conditions, ensuring the optimum total environment required for your application or process. This type of system also allows complete control over the conditioned air, and the option to utilise several different heating options from heat pump air conditioning to gas fired boilers, or for smaller applications electric heater batteries may be used.

The current technological advances means that the heat pump offers a far better efficiency than any other form of heating for combining with centralized AHU'S with its inverter technology only the exact amount of heat is produced, keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

A typical heat pump will generate in excess of 3.0 Kw of heat output for every 1 Kw of energy used and this performance is ever increasing with the advancement of new refrigerants and electronic drives and controls.

Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery units enable a system to recover up to approximately 50% of the energy from the extract airstream of a ventilation system. As environmental issues become increasingly influential in the design of mechanical ventilation systems, the inclusion of a heat recovery facility can contribute to considerable energy savings, and the reduction of related carbon emissions, coupled with reduced operational costs. The most common type of heat recovery used for ventilation systems, is a cross flow heat exchanger. Energy is transferred from one air stream to another with no cross contamination

For the larger commercial projects the rotary wheel heat recovery system is used. This allows the heat to transfer though a revolving honey comb heat exchanger and 100% of the exhaust air goes to atmosphere. This is an extremely efficient system and is becoming very popular on central Air handling plant.

delta T Services is equipped with a full Auto Cad facility to aid with the design of your ventilation in Essex and London and capable of producing as installed operation manuals and files upon completion of your project.

Extract systems

It is important that an extract ventilation system is balanced by an input or make-up air system to maintain the displaced extracted air. This can be achieved by transfer grills on smaller applications to full tempered fresh air supply systems on larger projects.
For commercial kitchens delta T Services can install carbon filtration to ensure your extract system meets local building regulations and does not inconvenience your neighbours with cooking odours.

Fresh Air systems

When installing fresh air ventilation in Essex and London it is important to consider any airborne contaminants that may be present and install effective filtration to control and capture any particulate matter as well as local odours.
delta T Services has carried out numerous installations where carbon filtration has been used to prevent odour ingress into office buildings and shops, from nearby factories or spicy food restaurants.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

We supply and install a large range of bespoke canopies designed to the customer's requirements.
All delta T Services Kitchen canopy design is governed by HVCA (Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association) document DW172. All canopies are designed and built to a very high standard to provide years of trouble free service.

Our canopies are manufactured entirely from high quality stainless steel with a satin finish. Removable baffle filters, fat collection drawers, built in lighting and easy clean designs make life as easy as possible for the restaurateur or cafe owner.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

It is very important to keep your extractor hood clean. Its function is to remove grease-laden fumes and vapours from your cooking areas, helping to regulate the temperature of your kitchen and keep its atmosphere as hygienic as possible.

The extractor hood needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it working at maximum efficiency. If regular commercial cleaning is not carried out then you cannot prevent the build-up of grease and other flammable substances in the extractor hood. Grease and carbon will build up in your kitchen extractor hood blocking the airflow in the system.

Extract hoods which are not cleaned and maintained regularly and professionally can quickly become a fire risk. Apart from the fire risk commercial kitchen ventilation systems also pose hygiene, odour, vermin and mechanical efficiency hazards when not maintained regularly.

delta T services can assist in keeping your kitchen up to standard contact our help desk for all your cooker hood cleaning.

If you have a requirement for ventilation in Essex and London delta T services can assist you with spiral duct work rectangular duct work from design to manufacture and installation we offer a full turnkey solution to all of your needs.

Once installed we can maintain your system to give many years of reliable trouble free operation, from changing filters and charcoal media to full duct work cleaning programmes.

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