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Daikin Altherma High Temperature (HT) Air source heat pump

Daikin has further expanded its award winning Daikin Altherma energy efficient heat pump range by launching the new Daikin Altherma High Temperature (HT) home heating system. Because of its advanced technology three quarters of the heat generated by the Altherma system is from a renewable energy source, the air around us, and therefore absolutely free of charge !!

This means low energy costs and low environmental impact!

This is an industry first for high temperature domestic applications, and is capable of delivering leaving water temperatures of up to 80 Degree Celsius therefore providing a highly efficient, low carbon solution for gas and oil boiler replacement.

With the Altherma HT there is no need to resize or replace existing radiators.

Cascade Technology eliminates the need for a booster heater.

The air to water heat pump technology is equipped with a double heat pump; this means there are two refrigerant cycles involved and therefore two compressions.

The first heat pump in the unit operates on R410a and provides an intermediate temperature source for the second heat pump, in the indoor unit, the indoor unit works with water up to 80°C purely on the basis of thermodynamic principles.

No additional electric booster heater - making the HT system extremely efficient and economic to run with low energy consumption.

Both heat pumps are inverter driven adding to the systems efficiency and low carbon footprint.

Domestic Hot Water

Additional features include the systems domestic hot water application.

A daily demand for 500 litres of water can be fulfilled for bathing etc.

With the heat pump operating at a continuous high temperature level it also provides disinfection of legionella, without the need for a booster heater.

The stylish design of the floor mounted indoor unit with its night mode reducing sound levels by 3 dBA add to the systems appeal

Unique Features

Efficient two step compression that guarantees water temperatures in radiators up to 80°C without the need for a booster heater no need to change emitters.

High coefficients of performance (COPs) of up to 3.5 in high temperatures.

Operation at outdoor temperatures guaranteed down to - 20°C

Optional integration of its intelligent Hydro box and domestic hot water cylinder.

An intelligent remote controller ensures optimum operation and comfort.

Available in three capacities 11Kw, 14KW and 16KW

Additional Benefits

Drop in replacement for existing boiler

30 - 50% reduction in CO2 emissions

Low running costs

Low Maintenance

Easy to install, no trenches, groundwork's or boreholes

No gas supplies, flues or ventilation required

Comparable installation costs to gas fired boilers

Suitable for both houses and flats

Single phase power supply required with low starting current

Weather compensation built in as standard

Meets and exceeds CO2 reduction targets required by building Regulations

Helps achieve a 3 star rating in the code for sustainable homes

Reduced VAT for domestic applications - down to 5%!

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