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Heat pump installers In Essex

Heat pump installers  Essex based  delta T Services has established a reputation for providing a quality  service and reliability with its entire client base for the design, supply and installation of heat pump air conditioners throughout the county of Essex.

Reverse cycle heat pumps come in many shapes and sizes, diverse enough to fit neatly into any room or office layout.

All of our heat pumps can be used for both new builds and homes undergoing a refurbishment, whether it is an air to air heat pump for domestic heating in a single room or an air to water heat pump for heating your whole house or swimming pool, there is rarely any need to make any major changes to your house for the installation of a Heat Pump.

An air source heat pump is the simplest and least expensive renewable energy system to install. It’s a stand-alone unit which can be placed outside your premises. Air source heat pumps don’t require any digging or underground pipe work. Most domestic units are roughly the size of an air conditioning unit. An air source heat pump draws heat from the outside air. It will provide 100% of your heating and hot water, even when the outside air temperature is well below zero.

Explanation of common Heat Pump Terms

COP The COP or 'Coefficient of performance' is found by dividing the useful heat output by the energy input. E.g. a heat pump that produces 4 kwatts of heat for 1 kwatt of input power has a COP of 4. An open fireplace for example would have 50% efficiency; this would give a COP of 0.5

Source This is wherever the heat is being extracted from. e.g. the outside air would be termed as an air source heat pump, a system using a pipe loop buried in the ground would be a ground source heat pump, a system with its heat being taken from a river would be called a water sourced heat pump also called :-
Horizontal collector This can be either coiled 'Slinky' or straight pipes that are buried up to 2m deep in open ground (your garden). The pipe is usually plastic and contains a Glycol antifreeze solution.

Open Loop This is the type of source where river or ground water is pumped through a heat pump then expelled to the environment a few degrees cooler.

Closed loop This is where a sealed plastic ground pipes are used which usually contains glycol antifreeze. I.e. the most common are in a trench or borehole system.

Borehole This is simply a vertical hole drilled in the ground. A ground source collector pipe can be installed in this.

Heat Sink (Sink) This is the name given to the part where the heat is usefully dissipated, such as radiators in the room, under floor heating or fan coil units.

Antifreeze This is simply an additive that gives water a lower freezing point. Ethylene or Propylene Glycol is most commonly used in heat pump systems.

Brine Brine is normally defined as 'salt water'. However, this term seems to be have adopted to describe any antifreeze mixture. A brine-water heat pump usually means one having glycol antifreeze on the 'cold' side and water on the 'hot' side.

Emitters Another term used to describe radiators or under floor heating. This is the component that emits the heat into the building.

Inverter. This is a sophisticated electrical device that can vary the capacity of a heat pump. It therefore can vary the heat output to match the heat demand. An inverter is also a soft-start mechanism

DX system
Abbreviation for 'direct expansion'. This is where the refrigerant flows directly within the ground pipes. This system is less common, and may have some disadvantages; however, it can promise higher efficiencies since there is one less pump and one less heat-exchanger.

This is the working fluid within the heat pump. It evaporates in one part and condenses in another. By doing so, heat is transferred from cold to hot. This fluid is sealed in and will not degrade within the life of the heat pump.

Heat Exchangers
This is a simple component that transfers heat from one fluid to another. It could air to air, liquid to liquid, liquid to air Two heat exchangers are housed within the heat pump, one for the hot side the condenser, the other for the cold side the evaporator.

De-super heater. This is a small heat exchanger fitted to the compressor discharge that can produce a small amount of heat at a higher temperature.

Passive Cooling.
Passive cooling is where the ground water is simply pumped around under floor heating. This gives limited amount of free cooling. It will only work with boreholes or large trenches in very wet ground. We repeat: - a limited effect, but its free and you pay for the running of a pump.

Buffer tank
This is simply a large water cylinder that is used to improve the efficiency and durability of a system. It reduces the number of stop/starts that the compressor makes, and ensures a high flow rate through the heat pump.

Heat pump installers in Essex and London.

Essex based  delta T Services  are experts at installing Daikin Altherma, the home heating solution that connects to under floor heating, low temperature radiators and fan coil units. Daikin has more than 50 years of experience in the production of air source heat pump systems, manufacturing over a million units a year for residential & commercial applications. Daikin provide you with high energy efficiency solutions minimizing the impact on the environment and running costs.

Daikin offers the choice between a Daikin Altherma system with an outdoor unit and indoor unit (Split Type), or a Daikin Altherma Monobloc Type, in which the hydro box components are located within the outdoor unit.

The Daikin Altherma system can be combined with:

  • Under floor heating, one of the most comfortable heating methods
  • Fan coil units
  • Low temperature radiators to provide the comfort required

In addition, it can be connected to:

  • A domestic hot water tank to supply your hot water needs
  • Solar collectors, with optional solar kit, to compliment the production of hot water
  • A room thermostat, to regulate the ideal temperature easily, quickly and conveniently

delta T Services has established itself for being one of the few top quality heat pump installers in Essex.

We are also heat pump installers throughout London.

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