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Samsung Heat Pumps

Samsung are at the heart of the development and innovation of the heat pump market and offer a wide range of products to suit all types of building layout and design.

delta T services are specialist Samsung heat pump installers and can supply and install the entire range of Samsung heat pumps.

Below is information on one model of the innovative Samsung Heat Pump range

RD060MHXEA 15.5kW Mini DVM Smart Heat Pump

Maintain your temperature with a clean and efficient air provider. The Samsung 15.5kW Mini DVM Smart Heat Pump helps you save space thanks to its slim and compact design, which also allows easy installation. You can also control the PCB, compressor and EEV via the Mini DVM’s front panel for simpler maintenance. Its Digital Scroll Compressor delivers high reliability too, giving you peace of mind. And, with its high energy-efficiency, you can reduce operating costs as well as hassle.

Advantages of the Samsung Heat pump

Install easily due to slim and compact design
Maintain and monitor via accessible front panel
Save costs thanks to high energy-efficiency
Enjoy peace of mind with greater reliability

Easy Samsung Heat Pump Maintenance

The Mini DVM makes it possible to control the compressor, PCB, and EEV with the front panel, meaning that maintenance is effortless and simple. the outdoor units also display error codes via LED’s, enabling you to react promptly if problems occur.

High Energy Efficiency

Our digital scroll compressor offers a very high cooling and heating COP.

Samsung Heat Pump Performance


Equivalent Horsepower: 6HP

Capacity (Cooling)

Capacity > Cooling: [15.5kW]
Capacity > Cooling: [54600Btu]

Capacity (Heating)

Capacity > Heating: [61400Btu]
Capacity > Heating: [18kW]

Energy Efficiency

EER (Cooling, Btu/W): 3.6
EER (Heating, W/W): 4.1

Sound Pressure (High/Low)

53 / 55 dba

Samsung Heat Pump Physical Specification

Dimension Net Dimension (WxHxD): 940 x 1210 x 330mm Electrical Data Energy Efficiency Mains Fuse: 20 Amps Power Input Cooling: 4.31 Amps
Heating: 4.39 Amps Power Source Φ/V/Hz: 3Φ, 380~415V, 50Hz

Running Current

Cooling: 7.3 Amps
Heating: 6.9 Amps
Net weight 105Kg
Samsung Heat pumps EHS Range

We are approved Samsung Heat pump installers as well as being experts at maintaining and repairing the full Samsung range including the ground breaking Samsung Heat pump EHS range and all of its components.
Samsung EHS is an all-in-one system with highly efficient heat pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temperature and you’re heating and cooling costs low all year round. This economical and ecological system not only lower energy costs and CO2  emissions, but also provides various combinations of air and water solutions for heating and cooling that meet different user needs during the four seasons. Each style of system has its own advantages but the whole range share some amazing features such as:

  • Weather Compensation
  • Easy-to-use Controls
  • Market Leading Efficiency
  • Samsung Tried & Tested Reliability
  • Amazing Value for Money
  • Whisper Quiet Operation

EHS Mono uses outdoor unit that includes the hydronic parts. Therefore it does not require space or installation process for hydro units and the refrigerant pipes. This means that the system can be installed quickly and easily and without the need for refrigerant pipes.
Hide the outdoor unit up to 70 mtrs away
Traditional style indoor 'boiler' unit for familiarity
Smaller outdoor unit

Samsung Heat Pump EHS Split

EHS Split is the newest development added to the line-up to meet the up -to-date demands. This air-to-water heating system is designed and built especially for optimized heating. Because the heat pump is split into two parts it means you can place the outdoor unit out of sight up 70 metres away from the indoor 'boiler' unit.
Hide the outdoor unit up to 70 mtrs away
Traditional style indoor 'boiler' unit for familiarity
Smaller outdoor unit

Samsung Heat Pump EHS TDM

EHS TDM support both air-to-air and air-to-water heating (and cooling) to be the ultimate indoor climate solution for every season.  Simpler units, installation and usage for maximum convenience. 
Hide the outdoor unit up to 70 mtrs away
Wall mounted and ducted fan coil units available for instant localised heat 
Cooling available in the summer

All our engineers are fully qualified F-Gas compliantand are experts at Commercial Air Conditioning, Domestic Air Conditioning, Industrial Air Conditioning, and are specialists Samsung Heat pump installers.

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