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Office Air Conditioning installation, maintenance repair, in London

These days nearly all staff expect to be working in fully air conditioned offices, the modern office no longer has radiators fitted as the latest heat pump air conditioners provide very cost effective heating and cooling.

The range of Toshiba air conditioning units is such that any size or shape office can be catered for no matter what capacity of systems are required.

When it comes to the larger office then the Toshiba SMMSI VRF system is perfect for the larger open plan spaces with a host of connectable units in the range

Wall mounted options – AP0073H being the smallest in the range with a capacity of 2.2kw with a further three models the AP0093H being the 2.8Kw model, the AP0123H having a capacity of 3.6Kw and the larger AP0153H being the largest with a 4.5Kw rating, these units are ideal for the smaller office or meeting room.

Compact cassette options – If you are looking for office air conditioning in London and you have a tiled grid ceiling with 600 x 600mm tiles then these really are the system for you, neatly slotting into a single tile within the grid they have been stylishly designed to fit discreetly into the fabric of the ceiling, with the option of 6 different capacities AP0054MH-E with a nominal capacity of only 1.7Kw this Toshiba air conditioning unit is ideal for the small office with one or two occupants, the AP0074MH-E capacity 2.2Kw will serve an office of around 16 metres floor area depending on how much glass there is for solar gain, The AP0094MH-E is perfect at 2.8Kw for those smaller meeting rooms of around 20 metres square floor area.

For the larger busier office Toshiba air condition offers the AP0124MH-E at 3.6Kw this unit gives perfect conditions with its running current of just .034 Amps it is highly energy efficient, with its big brothers the AP0154MH-E giving 4.5Kw of cooling and the flagship of the Toshiba compact cassette range the AP0184MH-E at 5.6 Kw perfect for offices around 40 metres square.

All of the above systems can be supplied from a single outdoor Toshiba VRF condenser keeping your plant footprint to a minimum and installation as simple and cost effective as possible.

The extraordinary flexibility of Toshiba system is guaranteed by the breadth of the range of SMMS   indoor units - up to 13 models with a combination of 81 units. This offers flexibility and maximum air distribution which enables the MiNi-SMMS system to be easily installed for maximum performance, so when you are looking for office air conditioning in London look no further than delta T!

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We can offer a full turnkey solution including mains power supplies and a full installation service from start to finish let us remove the hassle from dealing with multiple contractors, deal with one person its easy with delta T !

For office air conditioning anywhere in London call delta T. We are the experts when it comes to installation, maintenance and repair of any office air conditioning.

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