R22 gas Phase out the facts

The R22 phase out program has been gradual over the last few years, this has been done to lessen the impact on end users of this refrigerant, however it is very important to pay attention to the forth coming changes.

When R22 is no longer available in 2015 the only option will be a drop in refrigerant or replacing your equipment.
delta T is involved with numerous clients who are pre empting this phase out and replacing their old non inverter equipment now, The benefits of updating your air conditioning equipment are huge in both performance, quietness and energy consumption reductions.
A typical R22 replacement will pay for itself in three years and then you are into a profit margin compared to running older non inverter equipment which uses 30% more electricity than its modern counterpart.

R22 Phase out dates for

From 1st July 2002 no more cooling only air conditioning equipment can be manufactured that uses refrigerant R22.

From 1st January 2004 no more heat pump air conditioning equipment can be manufactured that uses refrigerant R22.

After 1st January 2010 no more virgin refrigerant R22 can be used in existing systems.

After 1st January 2015 no more recycled refrigerant R22 can be used in existing systems.

As of the 1st January 2010 your options became very limited to the following

1. Use recycled R22 refrigerant, it is obvious that the stocks of recycled R22 will become extremely limited in availability and we are concerned for our clients that this will become a very expensive method and this practice of using recycled R22 refrigerant will be phased out in 2015.

2. Drop in refrigerants can be used, this is where we remove all the existing R22 and replace this with what's known as a drop in refrigerant, however this can also be very expensive and there are no guarantees on achieving the original cooling and heating duties, typically there is a drop in performance of around 20% when a drop in is used. So if your system duty is sized accurately to its requirement you may find that this option is limited in its use.

3. Alternatively we can offer a system audit where we can show a full financial breakdown on your existing equipments operating / repair cost. This can be shown against the cost of installing new equipment operating on the greenest non ozone depleting refrigerant (R410A) as well as the latest inverter technology. We have already shown on many occasions with this audit tool that new systems can pay back the installation cost within as little as 3 years operational use, taking into consideration the exceptionally low running cost of the latest equipment and the reduction to your company's carbon footprint.

So remember if you need help or advice regarding an R22 phase out / replacement programme contact delta T we are here to help.

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