Conservatory air conditioning in Essex.

When it comes to keeping your conservatory cool in the summer months blinds and special glass just cannot give the same feel and benefit as a conservatory air conditioning system, not only do our units cool your conservatory combating the solar heat gains during the summer months but in winter they keep the room heated and usable. delta T can supply and install the full range of conservatory units from all of the top quality manufacturers. There are two main styles of system used in conservatories depending on the style of construction.

Floor standing conservatory air conditioning

When selecting your conservatory air conditioning in Essex the design and construction can play a deciding factor on the choice of units available, for conservatories with a dwarf wall of 600mm height the floor standing range of systems offer an excellent choice, Daikin produce a very stylish unit called the Nexura which has the benefit of not only blowing the warm air out of the unit but also has the capability to act as a radiant panel with the front face of the unit getting hot like a conventional radiator, this is a specific function to the Daikin range of Models FVXG which come in three capacities from 2.5 Kw 3.5 Kw and 5.0 Kw

There are also more standard style floor standing units such as the Daikin FLXS range again in three capacities but with a height of only 490mm these units will fit slightly lower dwarf walls.

For people who like cutting edge style you could do far worse than opt for a Hitachi RAF floor mounted system with stylish glossy front facia and a height of only 590mm.

For those scenarios where no dwarf wall exists then it is often possible to opt for a standard wall mounted system fitted onto the house wall within the conservatory, these systems give a greater choice of capacity and require less room and take up none of your voluble floor space.
As well as being able to supply and install your choice of air conditioning system we can also carry out all of the electrical supplies necessary and issue an NICEIC certificate upon completion.

One point of contact from start to finish it really is as easy at that!

All of our installations come with long extended warranties and a full backup service and maintenance department for your aftercare.

If you would like some one to talk to about your requirements for conservatory air conditioning in Essex then call our friendly help desk now or email us via the request a quotation page with your details and we will contact you shortly.