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Cold room repairs for Essex and London.

Like so many things in life we all tend to take our equipment pretty much for granted. Until it unexpectedly fails that is and time becomes very important in the repair of any cold room.

Anyone with a cold room should have it regularly inspected and covered by a comprehensive maintenance contract and in the medium term that is likely to save you substantial money.

However in the event that your cold room should break down it is patently obvious that speed of response be an accredited firm will be uppermost among the factors which make you decide who will do the repairs.

delta T services have been installing cold rooms all over Essex and London as well as providing full maintenance and repairs cover.

With a large fleet of vehicles throughout Essex and London it unlikely that another company will be on site to effect repairs before we can attend.

delta T services are fully accredited to deal with repairs to any cold room but we restrict out repairs service to Essex and London since we believe in the fastest response possible for all cold room repairs.

All our engineers are fully qualified and certified to work with all modern refrigerant gases and we take great pride in being fully 'green' whenever possible.

Call our help desk or fill out the request a quote form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.