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Toshiba Estia Air Source Heat pumps

delta T are trusted and reliable air source heat pump installers in Essex and London and can supply and install the full range of Toshiba Estia air source heat pump systems tailored to your exact requirements.

In line with the increasing focus on heat pumps as a new heat source, in July 2009 Toshiba Carrier unveiled the Estia air source heat pump, its new environmentally oriented air to water heat pump system specifically designed for the European markets adopts a combination of Toshiba’s heat pump and inverter technologies of the highest technical standards.

Incorporating Toshiba’s most advanced technology in all components from the compressor and inverter to the refrigerant, the system has already been launched with great success in Europe. The outdoor unit of the highly efficient light commercial air conditioner the Super Digital Inverter forms its base.

Almost all residential heating in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden is done using heated water in radiators, floor heating systems and fan coils, although the proportion of various heat sources, such as oil and gas boilers, electric heaters and heat pumps, differs by country. The Estia provides welcomed flexibility in connecting to these existing heat sources. The hot water heated by the heat pump can be sent to a panel radiator or fan coil to heat a room, or circulated in hot water pipes in floors to provide radiant floor heating in winter. Hot water can also be supplied to a shower or kitchen through hot water pipes from the range of hot water tanks, 150, 210, or 300 litres suited to a variety of different size dwellings.

The Estia range comes in a lineup of 3, 4, and 5 hp models. The 4 hp model boasts the world’s class of energy efficiency with a COP of 4.66. this means that for every 1Kw of electrical energy consumed up to 4.66Kw of heat are produced. With its best in class COP performance, Estia air to water heat pump system delivers more heating power with less energy consumption.

Estia uses high quality components and material which contribute to the overall savings in energy consumption. With the Toshiba advanced inverter, Estia air to water heat pump system only delivers the heating capacity required, thus consuming only the minimum electricity.

The hot water temperature is also optimized thanks to Toshiba advanced control systems depending on the outside air temperature; the milder outside ambient, the air-to-water systems automatically produces lower water temperature to anticipate decreased demand of space heating. The same control logic allows to anticipate as well increasing heating needs when weather conditions become extreme, this overall temperature management gives the best conditions of comfort with the minimum of energy consumption.

All this saving has a positive impact on your electricity bill and the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The use of Toshiba Estia heat pumps contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and limit the use of fossil fuels or other non-renewable energy primary sources.

Whenever required for maintenance purpose, all of the R410A refrigerant which is non ozone depleting can be completely drawn back to the outdoor unit through the powerful embedded Toshiba “pump down” operation.

Quick and easy to install, the hydro module unit can be placed safely in the most suitable place within the house. There’s no need for a chimney or underground captors which require additional works on site. The compact outdoor unit can be placed anywhere outside the house or on a balcony, thanks to extensive piping options and a small footprint.

All things considered Toshiba makes a perfect choice for your air source heat pump requirements.

delta T are a perfect choice of air source heat pump installers in Essex and London to carry out your Toshiba Estia installation.

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Toshiba Estia air sourced heat pumps installed in Essex and London.