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Samsung heat pumps.

delta T are experienced heat pump installers in Essex and London and can supply and install the latest Samsung EHS systems for your project.

The Samsung EHS Monobloc range is the culmination of years of research in to what an Air Source Heat Pump should be. Simple to install, configure and most importantly use, the EHS Monobloc is the most cost effective solution to the majority of domestic heating needs.

For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span all advanced technology from semiconductors to skyscrapers, finance to fridges, Samsung Electronics leads the global market in high-tech manufacturing and digital media.
They have brought all of this techological expertise to bear with this cutting range of heat pumps.

We can offer a bespoke design supply and installation service for all your Samsung products.

delta T should be your first choice for heat pump installers in Essex and London.

Samsung EHS is an all-in-one heating system using heat pump technology, keeping your house comfortable and your heating cost low. It is compact, quiet and energy efficient solution. With simple to use controls, Inverter technology, weather compensation and amazing value for money.

EHS Eco Heating System

Samsung EHS is an all-in-one system with highly efficient heat pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temperature and your heating and cooling costs low all year round.

This economical system not only lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions, but also provides  full capacity machine cycles that meet different user needs during the four seasons.

EHS is the ultimate Eco-friendly Heating System that uses natural resources for heating home floors and water. It provides indoor air-conditioning (hot/cool) at lower costs.

How the Samsung (EHS) air sourced heat pumps work

Samsung are one of the only manufacturers to offer simultaneous DX air conditioning with an air to water heating system.

Low Running Costs

High efficiency heat pump technology will reduce running cost, Samsung EHS Mono can reduce approximately up to 36~60% of running costs compare to conventional boiler systems.

Samsung EHS Mono has substantially reduced CO2 emissions compare to conventional boiler systems due to high-efficiency heat pump technology.

The EHS range has exceptional operating efficiencies of 90% at -10°C and offers some of the highest COP figures of any heat pump on the market today.

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