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What are heat pumps.

Heat pumps are truly wonderous devices. For every Kilowat of power you use to drive the system the heat pump delivers several Kilowats of heating. It isn't magic just science. The system takes heat from a variety of sources such as air or water and by running a large volume through the heat pump which then compresses air to create a small volume of truly hot air or water.

There are a range ways that heat pumps run.

Air to air heat pumps. This is when the heat pump takes the air outside as the source and after compressing it and creating a much hotter stream this can then be used to heat your home or offices.

Water to air heat pumps.

If you have a large volume of water local to your needs, this can be used as a heat source for heating.

Air to water heat pumps.

Ideal for heating things like swimming pools and whirlpools.

Split systems

This enables the heat available from the heat pump is used to heat both air and water, which can save you substantial money.

Dealta T Services are one of the major heat pump suppliers for London.

For more than a decade we have been fitting heat pumps throughout London which has given us a unique understanding of all forms of heat pumps. We are approved installers for all main manufacturers here in the UK and have acredditation from a wide range of professional bodies and the building industry. You can see our accreditations by clicking here Our Heat Pump Accreditations

There is a lot more to our work with heat pumps in London than just installation.

Maintenance of heat pumps.

As with any equipment working virtually all the time it is important that your system is well maintained. It has been shown many, many times that a well maintained system will greatly outlast the life of a poorly maintained system. In the medium term having professional maintenance of your equipment will save you money. We have very competative maintenance agreements giving you a fixed price for all your maintenance needs.

Heat pump repairs in London.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that all kinds of air conditioning and heat pumps will break down. Normally, of course, your system is most likely to fail when it is being most heavily used. Speed of repair then becomes a major factor. By limiting our work to within an hour's traveling time if your system fails it is unlikely another company will appear on site faster than we can.

Also, our decade of experiance has given us a very broad understanding of the parts needed to repair all makes of heat pumps and all our vans carry a large range of 'Repair Spares' which now means that we can usually repair and get your system back up and running on our first visit.

If you are seeking heat pump work in London why not give us a call ?