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Given the money to be saved it is surprising that almost everyone in Grenwich should not have a heat pump. It may seem like magic but for every 1Kw of heat you use to drive the pump it delivers 3 or 4Kw of heat.

delta T have been heat pump installers in Grenwich for more than a decade and have been approved by all the major manufacturers. Additionally as installers of heat pumps we are also acreddited by professional bodies and the building industry. You can see how much we care about our reputation as heat pump installers by clicking this link and seeing our Accreditations

Heat pump fitters need approval.

Which is not to say they need us to say how good they are, but anyone working as a fitter with heat pumps needs at least a C & G qualification. But that is not all. There are many different gases used as refrigerants in the heat pump industry and these are heavily regulated by EU law. All our fitters are technically qualified and all our fitters are updated frequently on refrigerants.

This means we are technically qualified and that our fitters can perform gas exchanges safely and are able to dispose of obsolete refrigerants 'Greenly' and safely.

There is a lot more to being a heat pump supplier than just being an installer.

Maintenance and repairs in Grenwich.

No matter how carefully our fitters install a system, it will benefit from regular maintenance.. There is no question that regular maintenance pays. Not only does such maintenance keep your system more reliable but well maintained systems greatly outlive Systems receiving little or no maintenance.

We have 3 main offices, with two of those in London. As a general rule of thumb we do not work more than one hours traveling time from our office, which brings Grenwich easily in our cachement area and makes it cheaper to provide fixed price maintenance agreements for Grenwich.

Repairs in Grenwich.

In addition to being of benefit to our customers with maintenance, being so close to Grenwich means that in the event that your system should go down, it is unlikely anyone could appear on site in Grenwich faster than ourselves.

Ten years of maintaining and repairing systems has given us an intimate knowledge of spares. We have built up a list of spares which we know are most commonly needed to repair a system. As a consequence, if you need your heat pump repaired not only is it unlikely another supplier could be on site faster than Delts T Services, all our repair engineers carry a full set of 'Repair Spares' so that in the vast majority of cases our fitters can get your system running again on the first visit.

If you are seeking heat pump work in Grenwich why not give us a call ?