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Panasonic air conditioning repairs in Essex and London

delta T Services engineers have a wealth of experience carrying out Panasonic air conditioning repairs in Essex and London, and are experts at fault finding on all Panasonic products no matter what style of air conditioning system you may have. All of our engineers are fully qualified and hold valid F-gas certification to ensure that all the work we carry out keeps you F-Gas compliant.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and are able to determine the source of any problems you may be experiencing with your air conditioning system and make recommendations for remedial action.

Often the failure can be diagnosed and repaired in one visit, our engineers carry a basic stock of common items, and can often resolve your problem very quickly and easily, and for more in depth component failures we have access to a vast supply of spare parts at short delivery times from UK stock.

Usually regular servicing is enough to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly the most common causes of air conditioning failure are due to lack of regular maintenance which can lead to expensive component failure.

With Panasonics self diagnostic systems an error code can be visible on your Panasonic air conditioning controller, please make a note of this code before calling to allow our staff a better insight into your systems condition and status. We may not always have the answer to hand but we will always call you back to advise you of the best option to take where ever possible.

You can have confidence that once delta T services are involved in your air conditioning repair things will move quickly towards a satisfactory completion.

We are able to carry out repairs in any location, and will normally require access to the external condenser which is usually located either on the roof of the building or to the rear on a flat roof or on support brackets.

With the emergence of the latest inverter technologies and brushless DC motors in the Panasonic air conditioning product range, it can often make a better financial decision to replace older non-inverter R22 equipment rather than a costly repair such as a compressor change, In a majority of cases replacement technology can be used to simply replace the indoor and outdoor units utilising the existing pipe work, drains and cabling.

Some Panasonic models we repair, although not a complete list.

All Panasonic models in the current range, KIT-VE9-NKE, KIT-VE12-NKE, KIT-XE7-NKE-3, KIT-XE9-NKE-3, KIT-XE12-NKE-3, KIT-XE15-NKE, KIT-XE18-NKE, KIT-XE21-NKE, KIT-E7-NKE-3, KIT-E9-NKE-3, KIT-E12-NKE-3, KIT-E15-NKE, KIT-E18-NKE, KIT-E21-NKE, KIT-E24-NKE, KIT-E28-NKE, KIT-E9-HKEA, KIT-E12-HKEA, KIT-E15-HKEA, KIT-E18-HKEA, KIT-E21-HKEA

Whichever style of unit you have you can rest assured delta T Services technicians will know exactly how to effect a repair to get your system up and running in no time at all.

All Panasonic parts supplied by us come with a standard one year manufacturer's warranty as standard

Common Air Conditioning failures

  1. Refrigerant leak, system low on refrigerant
  2. condensate pump failure - water coming from unit
  3. compressor failure
  4. Blocked evaporator / condenser coils

Air conditioning units are like all other mechanical systems and can be prone to failure, usually at the most inconvenient time for you and your business, delta T services are approved Panasonic air conditioning repairers in London and Essex, we operate a fleet of highly skilled engineers covering all of the Essex and London boroughs to bring you a swift and effective repair to your Panasonic system.

If you would like someone to talk to about your requirements for Hitachi air conditioning services in Essex or London, then call our friendly help desk now or email us via the request a quotation page with your details and we will contact you shortly.