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If you want anything to do with air conditioning in Merton talk with us and this is why.

Firstly, we have over a decade of experiance of working with all forms of air conditioning in the nation's capital. In that time we have gained a wealth of experiance as air conditioning contractors which is there to help you. With our experiance as air con contractors in our capital we have built up a customer base of many hundreds of happy customers and will be happy to introduce you to some if you like.

What makes us quality air conditioning installers in Merton.

As installers of air conditioning systems all our engineers have the necessary City & Guilds qualifications as well as an intimate understanding of the various gases and refrigerants allowed and not allowed under EU Regulations. Additionally, we are certified to change refrigerant gases and to dispose of the replaced refrigerant. So you know that our work is 'Green'.

Air conditioning maintenance in Merton.

We limit our work to a maximum travel distance of one hour and since we have two London offices London boroughs are in our work area. Now it might seem a strange thing that we limit our work as we do and if all we ever did was to install air conditioning it would not be the right thing to do.

However we believe totally in providing a full service after we have installed and by working locally there are big advantages when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Because all London locations are near one of our offices we save petrol and time when attending to do maintenance of your air conditioning and this saves you money. We also offer fixed price maintenance agreements so that you can relax in the knowledge that we are monitoring the health aspects of your system.

It is also an established fact that an air conditioning system which is well maintained will outlive a poorly maintained system several times over. Even in the medium term a well maintained system will save you money. Ask to see our maintenance agreements and see for yourself the advantages of maintenance. Ask to see our maintenance agreements and see for yourself the advantages of maintenance.

Air conditioning repairs in Merton.

In the same way that having a local presence reduces time and costs for maintenance so it is with repairs, After more than ten years of repairing air conditioning systems in Merton we have built up a virtually unique knowledge as to which parts of any system are most likely to fail. Resulting from this, firstly it is unlikely that another company can get to you faster than ourselves and secondly because all our vans carry a full set of 'Repair Spares' for each main manufacturer and we will generally effect a full repair on our first visit.

delta T Services, the premier air conditioning suppliers for Merton

We truly believe that we are the best air conditioning suppliers in all London. We are acreddited by all the major suppliers as well as with the building industry and professional organizations. See our acredditation as air conditioning suppliers by clicking here

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