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There are many suppliers of heat pumps in Essex, so perhaps the real question is 'Who are the best heat pump suppliers?' We believe it is probably ourselves here at delta T services, but there are things to look for to try and ensure your supplier is good.


Perhaps the first consideration is how long has the supplier been in Business?

You need a supplier who you can expect to still be here for at least the length of your guarantee and delta T Services has been installing, maintaining and repairing heat pumps in Essex for more than eleven years.

Next the qualifications of the fitters working for your chosen contractor.

Unlike trades like plumbing where much of the work is unregulated, heat pumps all use gas compressors and these are heavily regulated by the EU, so at the very least your contractor should only use fitters suitably qualified. All fitters working for delta T services are qualified with a full City and Guilds qualification and in addition receive regular training in the EU legal requirements and such things as exchanging gas types and disposing of old gas in a 'Green' way.

Maintenance of your gas pump after the contractor finishes installing.

Maintenance of any heat pump is important as it will greatly extend the life of any system. Based in Maldon in Essex we limit our operations to one hours traveling time from our offices. This means that we offer fixed price maintenance agreements for any heat pump installation at rates that are hard to beat.

All heat pumps will eventually fail and need repair.

If your system has received good maintenance this will be a rare occurrence, but when a heat pump fails it is generally at times when they have been working hardest and are therefore most needed. By restricting the geographic area of our operations we will generally attend your premises faster than other contractors might and carry out the repair.

Repair Spares.

Having worked in the heat pump field for so long we have built up a knowledge of which parts of heat pumps most often fail and need repair. All our vans carry a special stock of 'Repair Spares' so in the event that we do come to repair your system in the great majority of cases we will effect a repair on our first visit.

So, whatever your need concerning heat pumps, whether it is installation, maintenance or repair why not speak with our friendly 'Help Desk' fitters?