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COVID19 Decontamination of ventilation system - deep Cleaning Specialists

At delta T we are Coronavirus - COVID19 Decontamination of ventilation systems, deep Cleaning Specialists, with over 20 years in the HVAC hygiene industry, our team of professional engineers are fully equipped and ready to make sure your ventilation system equipment is decontaminated 99.99% bacteria and virus free during these troubling times.

We have worked with hundreds of medical practices and educational facilities across the country over the last two decades, both in the NHS and the private sectors, and fully appreciate the high levels of cleanliness and decontamination you must maintain within your ventilation system.

We lead the way with our industrial strength decontaminants, and our primary focus for this deep clean service is to achieve removal of 99.99 % of bacteria viruses and pathogens from your environment.

We do this through our deep cleaning of all ventilation system, refrigeration and air conditioning systems by decontaminating all coils, drip trays and filters whilst leaving a long-term antibacterial coating to protect your staff, clients, patients and the public long after we have left.

If you would like us to visit your premises, to deep clean, Decontaminate and protect, then please get in touch immediately