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Mitsubishi air conditioning maintenance for Essex and London.

The maintenance of any air conditioning system is highly likely to save you considerable money as well as improving the reliability and life of the system you purchased.

Our engineers are fully experienced in all types of system and with the full refrigerant ranges, whether you have old R22 systems running on non-inverter condensers, R407c or the latest cutting edge R410A systems with state of the art inverter driven compressors and DC brushless fan motors, our engineers are trained in the whole product ranges and have access to a vast array of spare parts usually with very short delivery times to keep your systems operating at their best.

When we agree to maintain a system there are certain checks which you will know are carried out at regular intervals. These include :-

Maintenance of the air conditioning Electrics

Examination to cover the contacts in the switch gear of your air conditioning units. We will be looking for corrosion or burnt contacts.

Maintenance of the air Conditioning gas refrigerant.

We check for any leakage and all our engineers are F-Gas certified.

Then of course we have filter changes which not only help in terms of system reliability and MTBF but makes sure you are protected against various bacterium that love air conditioning systems.

delta T services have been maintaining air conditioning systems throughout London and Essex for more than a decade which brings you the customer two big advantages. The first is that we have very considerable experience of all Mitsubishi air conditioning systems which means we know what to stock and carry as spares

The other advantage to using us is that we have a large fleet of vehicles and qualified engineers all over Essex and London.

So if you are looking for professional maintenance of a Mitsubishi air conditioning system please talk to us and see what we can do for you.

If you would like to know more please request a quotation or drop us an e-mail from the top of this page for all your Mitsubishi air conditioning needs in London or Essex and we will contact you shortly.