installation, maintenance and repairs of Air Conditioning

delta T for Mitsubishi air conditioning installation, maintenance or repairs for London & Essex.

All our Mitsubishi operations can generally be broken into three groups. Installation, maintenance and repairs.

Permit us then please to explain why if you are anywhere in either Essex or London you should talk with us.

delta T Mitsubishi installers in Essex and London.

Firstly when it comes to installation work we are approve installers for the full range of Panasonic equipment from small domestic heat pumps to large industrial air conditioning. We have been working in London and Essex for over a decade and have a large fleet of vans throughout our capital and Essex. We say this because it reflects heavily on our work with maintenance and Repairs.

delta T for Mitsubishi maintenance in Essex and London.

There are certain parts of industry where maintenance has been given a very bad name. We can all think of retailers who at the time of sale will talk you into a maintenance agreement where you later work out that for the same cost you could buy a new dishwasher or tumble dryer every 3 years. One of the reasons that delta T have thrived where so many in our industry have failed is integrity.

Our maintenance agreements are costed in such a way that you will save money by having your system maintained by us. Maintenance will cover everything from refrigerant gasses to electrical controls and we will generate the relevant annual certification, and all our engineers are fully certified to work with the whole range of EEC approved refrigerants.

delta T for Mitsubishi repairs in Essex and London.

Having a large fleet of engineers all over London and Essex brings definite advantages to anyone whose system breaks down for two reasons.

Firstly our speed of response which means that we can probably be the first on site if your air conditioning or heat pump fails, but there is another reason why it would pay you to talk to us if you need repairs. and that is spares.

After more than a decade of working with Mitsubishi it would be fair to say that we know the weak points on just about all products and that has enabled us to build up a list of spares that will often get you out of trouble days ahead of other companies.

If you would like to know more please request a quotation or drop us an e-mail from the top of this page for all your Mitsubishi air conditioning needs in London or Essex and we will contact you shortly.