Mitsubishi cassette repairs in London & Essex

delta T engineers have a wealth of experience carrying out Mitsubishi cassette repairs in London and Essex, with fault finding on all of the models in the Mitsubishi range both new and old. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and are able to determine the source of any problems you may be experiencing with your air conditioning system.

Here are four of the most common faults that occur with all air conditioning systems:-

Faulty wiring which can be anything from a loose connection that has become loose over time with vibration of the unit, or poorly connected terminals.

Low refrigerant if your air conditioning system needs to be recharged with refrigerant, typically that means there is a leak.  All refrigerant leaks should be located and repaired immediately under the F-Gas regulations.

Outdoor condenser is not functioning, this can be lack of power or contactor problems and is regularly caused by the compressor overheat safety trip, this has many causes from blocked air path across the outdoor coil to a failed fan motor or even as simple as someone has switched the power isolator off, a common cause in built up accessible areas.

A frozen indoor coil can be a sign of low refrigerant and a possible leak or just an indication that the system has not been maintained, this will often cause water to drip from the cassette.

All of the above faults will generally raise an error code on your Mitsubishi remote controller for example a low pressure / refrigerant code will show as a UL reading on the controller, like wise a compressor overheat may show as a UD fault on your controller, the codes and their meaning is often dictated by the model and age of the system and there will be variations throughout the available ranges.

When carrying out your Mitsubishi cassette repair in either London or Essex our engineers have access to a wealth of spares held by Mitsubishi in the UK and ready for urgent dispatch to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have any Mitsubishi cassette systems either the SLZ-KA range of compact cassettes or the Mr. Slim power inverter PLA-RP range of models, or even the standard inverter or Zubadan systems then we are here to assist you regardless of refrigerant or age we have a solution to your problem.

delta T Services is happy to undertake Mitsubishi cassette repairs for you regardless of who installed your unit, even if you do not have an air conditioning maintenance plan in place with us.

Poorly maintained air conditioning equipment can use up to 50% more electricity to run than regularly well maintained air conditioning systems. With energy prices’ ever fluctuating it makes sound economic sense to keep your air conditioning equipment operating at its maximum potential.

All Mitsubishi parts supplied by us come with a standard one year manufacturers warranty as standard. No matter which part of your Mitsubishi cassette system has failed you can rest easy in the knowledge that our engineers will get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible, our dedicated service vehicles covering all of Essex and the London boroughs are stocked with a range of materials to carry out the most common repairs.

You can have confidence that once delta T services are involved in your repair things will move quickly towards a satisfactory repair.
Our helpdesk are at hand to keep you informed spare parts availability and expected delivery and installation timescales.

All of our engineers are F-Gas qualified and we are an F-Gas registered company, we are here to help keep you compliant with the F-gas legislation and are members of the B&ES, CHAS Accredited for health & safety and Altius approved, for your complete peace of mind.Call our friendly help desk now or email us via the request a quotation page for all your Mitsubishi cassette repairs in London or Essex and we will contact you shortly.