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Air conditioning installation in Essex for Offices, Shops and Domestic.

If you are seeking a professional air conditioning installation company in Essex, here are some of the reasons so many people have picked us. We will happily introduce you to existing or past customers in Essex should you wish.or you can simply learn more about us HERE

We have been doing installation work in Essex for more than ten years. This means that we are likely to remain in business for at least the leangth of the guarantee given on all our installations.

We are a local company. We have two offices in Essex and a headquarters in Malden Essex. This means that after we complete the installation of your air conditioning anywhere in Essex, we will be able to get to you easily for maintenance or repairs.

Hopefully the installation of your air conditioning will be just the beginning of our relationship with you. Maintenance is important keep any air conditioning system running and we offer fixed price maintenance for all our air conditioning installations.

Repairs. It is a fact of life that sooner or later any air conditioning will fail and generally that happens when it is working the hardest and therefore is most needed. Being a local company we can probably attend you on site faster than most if not all.

You are invited to check out our accreditations for air conditioning installations in Essex HERE

Please call our friendly 'Help Desk' using the number you can see or ask us for a quote on any air conditioning work in Essex. HERE