Air Conditioning - London

delta T Services has been carrying out air conditioning works to a very high standard throughout the capital for over a decade.

Operating from our fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles, servicing all of our customer's from office blocks to restaurants, nightclubs and bars, small bakeries and news agents to large high street names, delta T Services have been Air conditioning-London for such famous names as Laura Ashley, Gap, Bupa, Greggs, Percy Ingles to name but a few.

As well as working for some of the larger London hospitals St. Thomas's, Guy's and The Royal London Hospital.

Our scope of works covers all aspects of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation.

We can supply and install all makes and models of equipment.

From Daikin wall mounted units to Daikin Emura units with the full range of Daikin compact cassette and Daikin cassette systems.
delta T services has been Air conditioning-London with Daikin Nexura floor mounted units and Daikin ceiling mounted units and also Daikin ceiling suspended systems.

As well as supplying and installing the Daikin ceiling suspended cassette previously known as the cassette under ceiling or four way blow under ceiling.

With a full range of Daikin ducted units with capacities from 2.3 Kw to 23 KW there should a model to suit all applications whatever your requirement.

The latest inverter technology driven compressors and fans ensure maximum performance with minimum energy usage throughout the whole product portfolio.

With typical energy savings compared to older non-inverter models of up to 30 % can you afford not to upgrade your old R22 systems?
delta T Services offer a full R22 replacement programme to renew your existing air conditioning when it reaches the end of its lifespan, or becomes obsolete.

Daikin Multi series inverters cater for smaller projects with multiple rooms whilst the cutting edge technology of the heat recovery VRV systems is the flagship of the Daikin range catering for the larger commercial applications where energy efficiency and ease of installation is paramount.

Utilising the popular Daikin VRV chassis unit's Air conditioning-London has never been so flexible for those high end offices and restaurants where aesthetics count for everything.

To meet building Regulations Part L and Part F and keep your environment fresh and clean delta T Services have been Air conditioning-London using Daikin total heat exchanger ventilation units VAM and VKM models with their acclaimed heat reclaim heat exchangers, warming the fresh intake air with the extracted stale air, saving on energy and increasing the comfort of your environment.

The Air conditioning-London has in its many offices, restaurants banks and shops operate far more efficiently when it is maintained on a regular basis. Here at delta T Services we offer full maintenance contracts on all types of air conditioning from splits to multi units VRV and VRF to large chillers and air handling units.

Our engineers are fully F-Gas qualified and conversant with all types of equipment and controls, and are here to keep your environment comfortable and your business F-Gas compliant.

Energy efficiency is becoming more important to everyone as the price of electricity, fuels and gases increase dramatically. Here are some interesting facts about the United Kingdom and how energy efficiency and savings can be achieved:

There are over twenty five million households in the UK. More than 30 % of these homes do not have cavity wall insulation. The combined heat loss through roofs and walls of these houses is enough to heat three million average homes for one year and represents a monetary value of one billion pounds per annum.

If every household in the UK installed 250mm of insulation to their loft, the financial saving on lost heat and energy would pay the electrical bills of 635,000 families for a whole year.

Turning your central heating thermostat down by just one degree would save ten percent annually on the average household heating bill.
In the same instance turning your air conditioning unit up one degree in hot weather conditions or down a degree in heating mode can make a dramatic saving on energy consumption.

The most important factor to minimise energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint for any air conditioning system owner is to have it regularly maintained this keeps it at optimum performance and reduces the energy consumed considerably, when compared to dirty non maintained units.
Energy efficiencies can come about with good well planned recycling habits as well.

When replacing existing air conditioning systems it is far better to use Replacement Technology units where pipe sizes and distances allow, the old pipe work can be re-used cutting down not only on installation time and costs for the end user but meaning the saving on copper pipe insulation and interconnecting wiring, brackets and fixings.

None of these items will have to be produced in a factory using large amounts of energy and producing CO2 emissions.

Like wise by re-cycling all of the refrigerant produced by our operations as well as recycling all metal waste and packaging delta T Services keeps its carbon footprint and global energy consumption down to a minimum.

delta T Services operates a fleet of new high MPG vehicles to limit the impact of our operations on the environment as much as possible and keep our fuel usage and depletion of the planets resources to an acceptable level.

Some more examples: - by Recycling one aluminium can a saving of up to 95% of the energy required to produce a new can from aluminium ore is made.

Recycling one glass bottle saves 360-watts of energy, this is enough to light one room in a house with an energy saving light bulb for a period of 24 hours.

You can purchase from delta T Services in the safe knowledge that all by products are recycled and your energy consumption will be kept to a minimum at all times throughout the life span of your product when our team of skilled engineers are maintaining your equipment.

delta T Services are here to help with all your projects be it installation of new air conditioning or ventilation, R22 replacement programmes, or if you have a system requiring repair, or would like your equipment maintained.

Call our friendly help desk on 0800 587 7665