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Heat pump contractors for Colchester. Installers, fitters, maintenance, repairs & suppliers

Whatever your needs regarding heat pumps, for more than 10 years, delta T services have been installing, maintaining and repairing systems in the Colchester area and we believe we know rather a lot about heat pumps.

Choosing a heat pump contractor in Colchester.

We believe it is important that you pick a contractor who is likely to remain in business for at least as long as your guarantees. Here at delta T we have been installing, maintaining and repairing heat pumps in the Colchester area for over a decade.

Choose a well qualified contractor.

Unlike many other trades the supply and installation of heat pumps is extremely controlled by EU law and it is important that whoever you pick as your contractor has fitters with professional qualifications. All the fitters at delta T have at least City & Guilds and additionally they receive training updates of gas fills and regulations.

When picking a Colchester supplier.

It pays to chose a local supplier not just for the installation but any contractor should be close enough to get to you in a hurry if the need arrises.

Maintenance of Colchester heat pumps.

Any supplier will tell you that a professionally maintained system will greatly outlive a system with poor maintenance or no maintenance. Here at delta T Services, we limit our seeking of new customers to within one hours travelling time. By doing this we greatly reduce traveling time and costs and are able now to offer fixed price maintenance on any heat pump system in the Colchester area. Not only is our maintenance fixed in price but our maintenance cost is likely to be the best you will receive.

Heat pump Repairs in the Colchester area.

Regardless of how well maintained a system may last, the day will come when it fails and normally it failed because it was working hard. So, if you need a repair to your heat pump speed is important. Again, by limiting our area of work as we do, the chances are we can get an engineer on site to carry out the repair faster than our competitors.

After so long installing and repairing systems in Essex, we have built of an almost unique knowledge of which parts on any manufacturers heat pumps are most likely to fail. All our fitters carry a 'Repair Spares' stock on their vans, so if your system needs repairing the chances are we will repair it on our first visit.

We believe we are the premier heat pump suppliers for the Colchester area.

As heat pump contractors we are approved by all the main UK manufacturers.

Our Fitters are trained and keep on being trained to the highest standards.

For maintenance, because we are local to Colchester we are likely to offer the best fixed price maintenance available.

Repairs. We will probably be there first and repair your heat pump on the first call.

As professional in the field of heat pumps we are accredited by both professional bodies and the building industry. See our accreditation by clicking HERE

Whatever your needs regarding heat pumps in Colchester please speak with our friendly 'Help Desk' and if need be ask to speak with a fitter.