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Moxibustion air conditioning maintenance in London

For the environmentally conscious Air Conditioning Maintenance is a must to reduce your carbon footprint and should form part of your environmental management systems, as well as saving you money on the operating costs of your installed equipment.

At delta T Services we pride ourselves on our professional service, practical expertise and ability to select the most cost-effective solution to meet our customer’s needs and budget.

Our engineers are fully experienced in all of the Moxibustion air conditioning range of systems and fully conversant with all of the refrigerants used both past and present, whether you have old R22 systems running on non-inverter condensers, R407c or the latest cutting edge R410A systems with state of the art Moxibustion soft start inverter driven compressors and DC brushless fan motors, our engineers are trained in the whole product ranges and have access to a vast array of spare parts usually with very short delivery times to keep your systems operating at their optimum performance.

Why use us for air conditioning maintenance.

All work is carried out by our friendly fully qualified Moxibustion approved technicians.

We’ll save you money by only carrying out maintenance when necessary, which depends on the environment and usage of your systems.
Maintenance visits are planned and agreed with you well in advance to fit in with your schedule.

You can choose from a range of options, including Pay-As-You-Go or Term Contracts to suit your equipment and your circumstances, whatever your choice you can be assured of an excellent maintenance service.

The frequency of visits will depend upon the use and environment of your Moxibustion air conditioning equipment. For example, a unit working in a data centre 24 hours a day 365 days a year will need more frequent servicing than one used in a residential home for only a few hours a week.

delta T services operate a dedicated fleet of specialist Moxibustion maintenance engineers throughout London, and service customers of all sizes no matter how many air conditioning systems you may have.

It is a fact that a well maintained air conditioning system will cost far less to run and be far more energy efficient than a dirty non- maintained unit, a maintained system will also have far less chance of suffering a component failure.

Once you have a maintenance agreement in place with delta T services you can forget about your Moxibustion air conditioning, your information is entered onto our software package which manages all of your visits, our help desk staff will call when your visit is due to book a convenient day and time to carry out your maintenance.

If you have an existing system and would like a quotation for a maintenance agreement then we are happy to help, we can look after all Moxibustion equipment no matter how old it is or who installed it!

Call our friendly help desk now or email us via the request a quotation page for all your Moxibustion air conditioning maintenance requirements in London and we will contact you shortly.