Daikin air conditioning in London

If you are looking for a specialist Daikin air conditioning installer London businesses have been using delta T Services for over a decade, we have been installing Daikin air conditioning throughout the city, as well as to shops and restaurants, houses and apartments.

We are able to offer the full Daikin product range from wall mounted units which are ideal for small offices or bedroom air conditioning, we can also install the designer Daikin Nexura inverter systems similar to a radiator but far more stylish, which also have a radiant feature to give off heat in the same manner as a conventional radiator wet system, as well as the standard fan powered operation.

The Daikin round flow cassette system range is highly acclaimed and used by many high street retailers as well as offices and restaurants throughout London with a self cleaning filter available as an optional extra which boosts energy saving to an already highly efficient range of air conditioning products.

When it comes to the larger open plan office projects Daikin ducted systems are ideal for the larger open plan spaces often found in the modern office blocks with vast areas of glass it is crucial to have an efficient and well installed system.

The daikin product range is vast:-

Daikin Wall mounted air conditioning units

Daikin Ururu Sarara with fresh air ventilation comes in 3 models, FTXR28E, FTXR42E, and FTXR50E
Daikin Emura designer style comes in six models featuring two colours white and silver to match your d├ęcor, FTXG25JW, FTXG35JW, FTXG50JW are the white models with capacities of 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0 KW respectively.

The silver versions are the FTXG25JS, FTXG35JS, and FTXG50JA with the same capacities as the white models.
The standard model Daikin Wall mounted inverter systems come in six capacities FTXS25J, FTXS35J, FTXS42J, FTXS50J, FTXS60G, FTXS71G and are designed to complement any setting from office to bedroom or lounge.

If you are on a tight budget then the low inverter wall mounted models which have a very slightly lower COP and are marginally less energy efficient may be the air conditioning units for you FTX20JV, FTX25JV, FTX35JV, FTX50GV, FTX60GV, these air conditioning units look exactly the same as the standard range but are powered using a lower inverter.

For larger applications the Daikin seasonal smart inverter wall mounted units are ideal with two models available in both single and three phase options FAQ71C, FAQ100C being the 7.1 kw and 10.0 Kw models, these systems will condition spaces up to 80 metes in area.
The larger models are also available as a classic inverter which has slightly lower energy efficiency and also comes in two capacities with both single and three phase options.

delta T Services are a Daikin D1 company; make us your first choice Daikin air conditioning installers in London
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