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Air conditioning and the history of Delta T

Air conditioning is a broad subject, so we wanted to find a way of giving both a first time buyer to an experienced engioneer some pointers of things to look out for when aquiring any air conditioning, ventilation, including heat recovery ventilation, ducting or even cold rooms.

We very much hope that this short video will help you see why before you ask anyone for an installation quote, or general maintenance etc. it is always worth giving our friendly service desk a call.

Whilstg Essex and London are our prefered locations for single venue business for chains sauch as you will see, we work country wide.


CAir conditioning history of Delta T


Click above to see the video covering air conditioning in Essex and London.




Air conditioning and the history of the Delta T group.


Talk to us for installation, fixed price maintenance and breakdown cover. for Essex ans London.

London & Essex air conditioning
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